Rod Branch - Playing the music that put a time stamp on your heart.
I began playing guitar and singing in 1978 with a guitar that I bought in Juarez, Mexico for $20. It was so hard to play that my fingers were numb for months. I began playing for friends' parties and such; then later, after a couple of charity gigs, people began to inquire about my son, Keaton Branch, and me playing for private parties.
Keaton and I played under the name BRANCHWATER, and still do from time to time. I played Jarrito's Mexican food place, the grand opening of a hair salon (let me open your car wash) and Tri-State Smokehouse, then successful gigs at Tobin's Sports Bar's outside venue.
As the Legends Lounge and The Back Deck at Houston National Golf Club opened to the public and began providing the best of both worlds (with flat screen TVs in the bar), the sophistication of a club setting and live music, they hired me to do steady gig there on Fridays until they changed owners a few years earlier.
Cork Cafe' is the neatest venue yet with its cozy little leather lounge and great wines.
Also, I am happy to play benefits for special causes.  Contact me and check my schedule.

Come check out the Towne Lake Boardwalk in Cypress, Texas. It is my new neighborhood and I plan to play there as often as I can.


Call me if you have the number or email me at to inquire about a private party or pub performance. My shows can be dialed down to a family show with Puff the Magic Dragon or ramped up to some PG-13 rated toe-tapping John Prine.  I usually stay somewhere in the Jim Croce, Brad Paisley, Coldplay, Green Day, Rolling Stones, George Strait, and James Taylor range of music most of the night. .... Come see me.

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